the municipality

Sabaudia is situated one hundred kilometres south of Rome, and it is located close to the Paola Lake and it is surrounded by the National Park of Circeo, that provides to Sabaudia its notoriety.
The little town is also known for its tourist prerogatives, every year a lot of very important people choose it as a nice place for their holidays.
It was born in 1934 after reclamation works carried out by the fascist government. Its geographical position was chosen to provide an ideal place for vacations of elite tourism and Sabaudia is without any doubt one of the best examples of “rationalist architecture”.
The town was built around the “Municipality public square” where is the city hall with a tower, 42 metres high, that overhangs the territory and represents a reference for all the inhabitants. There are other buildings in rationalist style around the “Municipality public square” such us: Casa del Fascio (present seat of “Finance Guard”), the recreational club, the cinema and the hotel.

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