The forest is called after the mythic Maga Circe and the ancient town, whose ruins are in the north of the promontory of the Circeo.
It extends for about 8.000 hectares. It contains many kinds of flowers and plants, Mediterranean wood (such as holms-oaks, junipers, lentisks, arbutuses and palms).
The fauna: hawks, blackbirds, falcons, gulls, cormorants.
The king of the forest is the wild boar: its effigy is on the emblem of the park where many foxes and badgers live too.
In the park there are some areas of integral reserve whit typical arboreal varieties of the original age of the forest: The Ruins of Circe, Piscina della Gattuccia, Lestra della Coscia. Inside the park there are also three coasting lakes: The lake of Monaci, Caprolace and Fogliano.
It is possible to visit the museum and to use the bike-track and didactic trip applying for information to the direction of the park.
You can find other free accesses along perimeter of the park, that is equipped of picnic areas.
In Cerasella zone is possible to stay close to the animals in the park.